Every woman has exquisite taste. Shoes have always been a final touch to their perfect feminine appearance.."If the"SHOES" fit's then wear it well"….



 My  Case,

As a woman fashionistas and trendsetter, one of my first loves was a unique pair of shoes; we fell in love in my early teenage years. Looking back I was always told and often ask where did i get my shoes from, and did you know that you have exquisite taste with my choices of shoes and handbags.  I guess it was a natural that I would  just enter in to a shoe store and  catch the eyes of a fashionable pair of kicks. I would  always ask the sale person what ‘s the price of  those shoes. Many times I was told this is one of our most expensive shoes the sale person would alway say. By the way “Miss”.,” Great Choice “,And how old are you” Lol. That is when I really knew that I found one of my passions in life.

 “A good pair of shoes has always caught my eyes sight, my shoes fetish is an honorable love”.

 “A fastidious pair of “SHOES” makes a very bold and sexy statement about who you are as ladies. It defines my strut  and confidence. It speaks volume about me (“She walks like she looks”) or (She’s strutting her stuff like a champion!”) ….I love to hear this as I step out or enter a room, I command all eyes, not on myself…but on my shoes.  Just look at my feet, it will tell you who I am.

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot. “
Marilyn Monroe
I  Rest My Case…….









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